How Many Blog Posts Per Month?

As with many questions surrounding Blogging and SEO, the number of blog posts you should do per month “depends”.  With Bloggers working in different industries and some people focusing on a specific niche, there is no definitive answer to the perfect number of posts to write and publish each month. However, not wanting to waive […]

Top 3 Web Based Marketing Ideas on a Budget

Affordable website marketing strategies are increasingly important for small business owners who are on a budget, but don’t want to sacrifice results. Website Marketing Strategies Here are the most cost-effective web based marketing ideas for small businesses. Experiment with one at a time first, and then combine one or all of them for better results. […]

The 3 Keys to Social Media Marketing

It’s no wonder many small business owners hesitate to get started with social media marketing. There just seems to be so much of it to take in, so many networks to join, blog posts to write, podcasts and videos to record – the list just goes on and on. And for those intrepid social media […]

How digital marketing has helped boost many industries

The pandemic caused a lot of businesses to move to an online presence only with having to close the doors to customers due to corona virus. There were a lot of industries that have benefitted from moving to an online presence only and using digital marketing to help them branch out to new customers just […]