How to make Blogging easy on Yourself

While thinking up my weekly topic, I’m listening to “Make it Easy on Yourself,” sung super smoothly by Jerry Butler, (aka The Iceman). Burt Bacharach’s songs are not only beautiful, they’re thought-provoking. Catherine Weber of Impression Thoughts Media estimates as high as 95% of blogs fail. One reason? Many of us make it more difficult […]

How to find the Best Blog Content Writers for Your Business

If you have a blog then you may find yourself looking for a professional to provide you with a blog post writing service. You may hope that you can find blog content writers who will be willing to write blog posts for you and perhaps even post them so that you do not have to […]

Three tips to ensure Regular Blog Posts

You’ve already done all the work to set up a blog – either personal or business – and you’ve been religiously adding posts to your blog on a regular schedule. Then, one day you run into a problem. You find you just can’t set aside enough time each day to write blog posts. Even worse, […]