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How Many Blog Posts Per Month?

As with many questions surrounding Blogging and SEO, the number of blog posts you should do per month “depends”.  With Bloggers working in different industries and some people focusing on a specific niche, there is no definitive answer to the perfect number of posts to write and publish each month. However, not wanting to waive away from the question many of you are curious about, we will detail the things you should consider when deciding how many blog posts to write each month.

What’s Your Goal?

Bloggers have different goals when they write an article. Some are trying to stay engaged with visitors, some want to answer questions, others are trying to sell something and some are writing for the sake of it. The goal of a blogger will vary from one to another so you need to answer that question personally to arrive at a suitable level of blog posting. A general news website will publish daily to ensure readers are up to date on current events. On the flipside, a poker site dedicated to bonuses may only publish a few times a month to tell readers the best ggpoker deposit bonus that’s on offer.


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How Much Free Time

Another thing to consider is how much free time you have to write. In order to maintain a high-quality blog, you need sufficient time to write. A post that is poorly researched and written in 20 minutes is unlikely to be valuable to readers. Therefore, we recommend you calculate the amount of free time you have a month before deciding how often to post. By understanding how much free time you have, you can apportion a conservative amount to blog writing and posting. If you have 20 hours free a month and a good article takes 2 hours to write, we suggest writing between 8 and 10 times. If you go for the lower amount, you’ll have a healthy buffer.

Don’t Overkill

Some bloggers go into overkill move and can write far too much. Writing all the time can dilute the quality of your website. Too much content is bad for SEO and unlikely to keep readers interested. People who visit your website should see a fresh and active blog but not one that is churning out posts several times in a day. Unless you have a team of writers working for you and the topics you cover are huge, it’s likely to be a bad decision.

Be Consistent

Lastly, we suggest that bloggers are consistent in their posting month to month. In other words, don’t write 20 articles one month, nothing for 6 months then another 20. It looks bad and tells Google mixed signs. Additionally, you won’t get many returning readers. If they come back once or twice to see you’re posted and you haven’t then they probably won’t keep coming back to check for a third time.

It’s also important to be consistent in your formatting, tone and writing style. Readers will endear themselves to your blog more if they have a personal connection. If your writing style is changing all the time, they won’t feel like they know you.