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Search Engine Optimization Tips

Search engine optimization (SEO) poses many challenges for solo entrepreneurs. Professional search engine optimization services are often beyond the solo entrepreneur’s budget; but learning all the tools and tricks, not to mention the ever-changing “rules”, would take time most solo entrepreneurs don’t have. The following search engine optimization tips will help you focus your SEO activities effectively.

Search Engine Optimization Tips: Start with the Basics

  • Research your keyword phrases. What words would people use to find you? This is the most important SEO activity you’ll need to do, particularly for solo entrepreneurs. You’ll want to look for keyword phrases that are unique, not just single words. Google offers a great keyword tool that helps you find synonyms and compare which keyword phrases are searched for more often. If keyword research seems daunting, invest in a course that teaches you the basics.
  • But, don’t let keyword phrases dictate how you write. Write your copy for your audience, not the search engines! Make your copy relevant to your readers and easy to read, then see where you can incorporate keyword optimization. Hire a copywriter if you aren’t a naturally good writer; it may be expensive but is a high-return investment for solo entrepreneurs. Ultimately, search engines want to serve high quality content. If your readers love your website, search engines will too.

Search Engine Optimization Tips: Shortcuts to Avoid

  • Be skeptical of search engine optimization services’ promises. Avoid high-priced services that promise to put your website on the top of the rankings for any particular keyword phrase. If it is a highly-sought-after phrase, it’s unlikely to be a successful project; and by the time you get the results, it’s too late — you’ve already paid them. Plus, you’ve put all your SEO eggs in one basket! Look for search engine optimization services that offer more reasonable, well-rounded solutions.
  • Beware of “secrets” and “tricks” that claim some hidden advantage. Tools or techniques that “game” the system may work for a short time, but they will ultimately become useless…and may earn you a long-term black mark from search engines. Known as “black hat SEO”, they often appear in ebooks or are offered through various membership services. If they involve formulas, special linking programs, or automated content-pushing, among other suspect methodologies, don’t be fooled.

The bottom line: as a solo entrepreneur, stick to the basics. Search engine optimization can be done on a reasonable budget by focusing on a few key principles, and resisting the urge to take expensive shortcuts.