The 3 Keys to Social Media Marketing

It’s no wonder many small business owners hesitate to get started with social media marketing. There just seems to be so much of it to take in, so many networks to join, blog posts to write, podcasts and videos to record – the list just goes on and on. And for those intrepid social media explorers who have started out, even more questions arise, including knowing what needs to be done and understanding why they’re doing it.

Social Media Marketing is not a replacement for traditional ‘offline’ marketing – but it is an excellent addition. Here’s why:

Connect – Social Media helps you to reach out to and connect with many more interesting & influential people than if you don’t take part. At a time when the majority of phone calls end up in the voicemail zone, using the social networks can be a more successful way to make that initial contact. Continue reading “The 3 Keys to Social Media Marketing”

How to find the Best Blog Content Writers for Your Business

If you have a blog then you may find yourself looking for a professional to provide you with a blog post writing service. You may hope that you can find blog content writers who will be willing to write blog posts for you and perhaps even post them so that you do not have to worry about doing it. Most bloggers realise that if they want to be successful they will have to keep their content regularly updated or added to and this can take up valuable time which is why they often hire writers for their websites.

How to pick the right blog post writing service?

Choosing the right writer is not easy though. You will need to make sure that you find someone that has experience in the type of content writing you want, that can provide a service for a great price and will be able to deliver the work on time. It will need to be someone that is willing to work freelance and just write posts for the web when needed without demanding regular work. They will need to be fluent in the relevant language and be able to write with the correct grammar but using a tone that is understandable and appealing to your target audience. It needs to fit in well with the website and any existing blog articles and copywriting content that might be on there. Continue reading “How to find the Best Blog Content Writers for Your Business”

Search Engine Optimization Tips

Search engine optimization (SEO) poses many challenges for solo entrepreneurs. Professional search engine optimization services are often beyond the solo entrepreneur’s budget; but learning all the tools and tricks, not to mention the ever-changing “rules”, would take time most solo entrepreneurs don’t have. The following search engine optimization tips will help you focus your SEO activities effectively.

Search Engine Optimization Tips: Start with the Basics

  • Research your keyword phrases. What words would people use to find you? This is the most important SEO activity you’ll need to do, particularly for solo entrepreneurs. You’ll want to look for keyword phrases that are unique, not just single words. Google offers a great keyword tool that helps you find synonyms and compare which keyword phrases are searched for more often. If keyword research seems daunting, invest in a course that teaches you the basics.
  • But, don’t let keyword phrases dictate how you write. Write your copy for your audience, not the search engines! Make your copy relevant to your readers and easy to read, then see where you can incorporate keyword optimization. Hire a copywriter if you aren’t a naturally good writer; it may be expensive but is a high-return investment for solo entrepreneurs. Ultimately, search engines want to serve high quality content. If your readers love your website, search engines will too.

Continue reading “Search Engine Optimization Tips”

Three tips to ensure Regular Blog Posts

You’ve already done all the work to set up a blog – either personal or business – and you’ve been religiously adding posts to your blog on a regular schedule. Then, one day you run into a problem. You find you just can’t set aside enough time each day to write blog posts. Even worse, you may find that writing for your blog every day, even if possible, results in a sort of writer’s block.

This is the most common reason most blogs fail – the owner runs into the writer’s block brick wall and just doesn’t post regularly enough. First they post daily, then a few times a week, then once a month, then… they stop completely. And the blog dies…

When you set up a blog you should decide up front how often you are going to add new posts to your blog, and then commit yourself to sticking rigidly to that schedule. Here are a few methods for making sure you can keep your blog current: Continue reading “Three tips to ensure Regular Blog Posts”

How to make Blogging easy on Yourself

While thinking up my weekly topic, I’m listening to “Make it Easy on Yourself,” sung super smoothly by Jerry Butler, (aka The Iceman). Burt Bacharach’s songs are not only beautiful, they’re thought-provoking.

Catherine Weber of Impression Thoughts Media estimates as high as 95% of blogs fail. One reason? Many of us make it more difficult than it should be. Here’s how to avoid that.

Think It Through

Sometimes I wish I could walk around with a hovering caption that reads, “Don’t interrupt me, I’m thinking!” Whether you write daily or need one 3,000 word English paper, begin by simply thinking about it. Continue reading “How to make Blogging easy on Yourself”

4 ways Photo Bloggers can Improve their Blog

A successful photo blog depends on the photographer or photo blogger to utilize and keep it fresh. Doing otherwise drives off an audience and the “staleness” may be off-putting to potential readers.

There are ways for a photographer or photo blogger to utilize a blog in a manner that will turn a one-time visitor into a regular at the website.

These four tips can help improve a photography blog.

Providing Fresh Content-Photo Projects on a Blog

A photography project has two benefits: It gives a photo blogger inspiration and motivates her to produce fresh work, while providing new content for a photo blog’s audience. Continue reading “4 ways Photo Bloggers can Improve their Blog”

Top 3 Web Based Marketing Ideas on a Budget

Affordable website marketing strategies are increasingly important for small business owners who are on a budget, but don’t want to sacrifice results.

Website Marketing Strategies

Here are the most cost-effective web based marketing ideas for small businesses. Experiment with one at a time first, and then combine one or all of them for better results. Continue reading “Top 3 Web Based Marketing Ideas on a Budget”

SEO – Do It Yourself

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the way to improve search engine ranking for a website. Organic search engine optimization and SEO do it yourself techniques are invaluable for improving website marketing strategy and search engine promotion.

SEO Quick Tips

Below are some SEO do it yourself strategies for boosting search engine promotion. Businesses can implement some or all of the tips to improve search engine ranking. Continue reading “SEO – Do It Yourself”